The Impact of COVID-19 Quarantine on Lifestyle, Cognitive Function, Overweight, and Sleep Quality of children and adolescents

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1 Department of Sports Sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Sports Sciences Department, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran



Objective: This study aimed to examine the impact of COVID-19 quarantine on the lifestyle, cognitive function, overweight, and sleep quality of children and adolescents.
Methods: A combination of stratified and multistage cluster sampling methods was used to select a statistical population of 2152 students (1184 girls and 968 boys) from elementary and middle schools in Abiek city. Electronic questionnaires were designed to collect data on the frequency of food intake, pshysical activity, cognitive function, and sleep quality, and were distributed to students online. Data was analyzed using appropriate statistical methods.
Results: The results indicated that no significant correlation was found between students' BMI and their eating habits or physical activity level (p<0.001; rs=0.45), nor between physical activity level and eating habits or cognitive performance. Nonetheless, a positive and statistically significant relationship was observed between sleep quality and physical activity level scores (p<0.011 and rs=0.26), as well as between cognitive performance and sleep quality (p<0.001 and rs=0.49). Regarding gender differences, male students exhibited a higher BMI and physical activity level compared to their female counterparts (p=0.018, p<0.001, respectively), and a noticeable difference in eating habits was found between males and females (p=0.006). Conversely, no significant differences were identified between boys and girls concerning sleep quality and cognitive performance (p=0.180 and p=0.693, respectively).
Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that changes in diet, physical activity, and sleep quality during COVID-19 quarantine can impact the cognitive function and health of elementary and middle school students in Abiek city. Therefore, appropriate interventions should be implemented to manage these factors during quarantine. These findings highlight the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle habits, including regular physical activity and good quality sleep, among students, regardless of their gender.
Key words: COVID-19; Lifestyle; Physical activity; Nutrition; Sleep quality; Cognitive function


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